A pollster, well trained in the mystery customer technique, plays the role of the lambda customer, to objectively test each step of your customer experience.

  • CONTROL PERFORMANCE Is your organization capable of bringing about the expected experience? Is your strategy used face to face with the customer?
  • USE A RELIABLE INDICATOR for your front office performance. Fully asses your teams, your sub-contractors and your distributors.
  • DIAGNOSE the sticking points and the areas for improvement in your customer path: this approach can also be an exploratory measure.
  • PROVIDE A TANGIBLE TOOL FOR IMPROVEMENT AND FACILITATION Extend the benefits of training, give your local managers the means to motivate their teams and get your message to them.
  • COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOUR COMPETITORS to remain at their present level, or, better yet, move into a leadership position.


  • A very OPERATIONAL approach: it is not numbers that are delivered, but real solutions for performance improvement, both at the macro level and to help your local managers.
  • GAIN TIME AND CONFIDENCE: thanks to the soundness of our numbers, you can communicate and exploit the results in total confidence. Or you can let us manage it all directly.
  • A DOUBLE EXPERTISE: In Research and in the Sector. Your program will be handled by an expert mystery shopper pollster with experience in your sector. Reactivity, advice, warnings: we set you up with the right conditions to succeed.
  • A true PARTNERSHIP approach: transparency, exchanges, action plans and progress plans, delivered in the spirit of continuous improvement.
  • INNOVATION at the heart of our ADN: both at the collection level and at the REPORTING level, we offer innovative solutions that are bold and always with the user in mind.


1/ Take the necessary time to set up a program. We develop a program that is designed specifically for you; it is perfectly suited to your needs. We take care to understand you and to build, hand in hand with you, a solid base for a customized program that will meet your objectives, lacking nothing, but without gimmicks: every step gives you added value.

2/ Communicate upwards regarding the system. Your mystery shopper program belongs to your team: give them the means to access it to create desire and imitation, with as playful an approach as possible.


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