• Objectively measure the reality of public policy in place, and the attainment of its objectives
  • Validate that public actions fulfill the sought for criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, consistency, utility and relevance
  • Use decision making aids that allow you to redirect and/or adapt public policies


  • BVA’s recognized expertise: as a partner with the General Secretariat for the Modernization of Public Action, BVA has been evaluating public policy for 7 years, and understands the demands and expectations of public actors in this area
  • An evaluation may take place before, during and after the deployment of the public policy, in all areas of public action and at all levels (ministries, municipalities, social organizations).
  • A broad spectrum of methods at its disposal: surveys, consultations, group follow up, qualitative interviews and focus groups, monographs, ethnographs, nudge, Big Data, etc.
  • To be fully operational, it needs well thought out studies, strongly focused on action to make sure there is tangible improvement in the policy for users and beneficiaries


  • Agreement between the various stakeholders of the evaluation on the objectives of the study
  • Assurance of the adherence to and cooperation of all of the participants, especially in the field
  • Openness to any different or innovative system of methodology
  • Afford the means to contact the beneficiaries, who may constitute a part of the public that may be scarce or difficult to reach
  • Communication of the results and follow up of the evaluation with concrete actions


Groupe BVA