• How has my brand image changed in the context of contemporary changes?
  • What opportunities and what risks must be taken into account in managing brand strategy?
  • What levers of an imaginary brand activate or develop in the global strategy of the brand?
  • What levers activate my proposal and in my communication in particular?
  • What sources of innovation make sense for my brand in the current context?
  • How do we change the positioning of our brand on an international level?


Put the lessons of the brand name in perspective with decoded societal changes, using BVA Trends. Capitalize on digital knowledge to obtain your objective of originating or continuing your “extended” brand.

Exchange points of view to enrich the lessons: collect public imagination through projective exercises, interviews with experts, semiotic analysis of the brand being transmitted, confronting user experience offline and online. The support of BVA Studio lets you use iconic material and video which embody the lessons from the brand name.


The launch of a brand name is a key moment: it lets you question the brand itself. The iterative approach lets you capitalize on each of the phases to delve into the lessons and the actions to be implemented.

The brand name should not forget internal investigation on two tracks:

  • The opportunity to capitalize on the historical knowledge of the brand
  • The involvement of a public ambassador, valuable when it comes to triggering actions. An international dimension requires the invention of local teams to collect the most effective results


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