A truly multidisciplinary approach

In order to break the complex code of customer, citizens and employees’ behavior to serve our clients, BVA relies on its multidisciplinary teams. In addition, specialists from two complementary fields collaborate under the same roof.

Working side by side with sector specific and professional experts, our data science specialists (economics, data mining, machine learning) and human science specialists (social psychology, anthropology and behavior science) put their talents to work for team projects that are dedicated to the challenges you face. Together, they bring the data to life and ensure that it reflects the real world.

BVA’s R&D teams work closely with university research departments, especially in the disciplines that will open new opportunities for our clients: big data, artificial intelligence and technological innovations (Blockchain, Bots, IOT, etc.) or even behavioral economics, neurosciences and biometric measuring.

In this way, we support paradigm shifts in the area of client knowledge:

  • Getting the most out of data that comes from multiple sources (very variable in terms of volume, speed and nature) to improve performance, managing flows in real time for quick operationalizing that nevertheless includes customer intelligence that is drawn from data collection and analysis, and that gives meaning to a scenarios that can sometimes seem patchy.
  • Tomorrow’s customer intelligence, must, in addition to data, take the effects of context, emotions, customer irrationality and the limitations of statements into account. In addition, understanding the human factor has never been more critical for developing the correct assumptions during periods of change.

Multidisciplinarity guarantees that your real life actions will have greater impact, whether it is a question of interpretation, choice of observation criteria, hypothesis testing or model bias.