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Masters Consultants joins the BVA group

The BVA Corporate Group creates a new growth generating expert platform dedicated to measuring the quality of customers’ experience

On this occasion, Masters Consultants, a French firm specializing in “mystery shopping” programs joined BVA on May 31 2013, as a fully owned subsidiary. This activity comes fully complementary to marketing research and will enable BVA to support clients in their loyalty improvement programs, by offering a 360°vision of quality of service.

This customer experience platform will combine BVA’s long-standing expertise in customer satisfaction and loyalty research and Masters Consultants’ renowned know-how in mystery shopping surveys and quality standard recommendations.

By a combined measurement of perceived quality of service, based on expressed customer satisfaction, and observed quality of service, BVA and Masters Consultants will maximize ways to identify and monitor readily actionable close-to-the-field loyalty drivers.

As a single partner, BVA and Masters Consultants will jointly provide a shared vision of customer experience, with the right follow-up to meet the needs of the different clients teams involved.

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