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BVA steps up its investment in neuroscience

The market research firm signs a partnership with the IGR-IAE at the University of Rennes 1 to further develop its Neuromarketing tools

Because emotions are difficult to fathom with traditional research tools, consumer-behavior specialist BVA is funding academic research into neuroscientific techniques to measure emotions. Using measurements of brain activity and its bodily manifestations, neuroscience provides fresh insight into the non-conscious mechanisms at work in the decision process.

BVA has joined forces with Olivier Droulers to offer its clients a reliable neuroscientific measurement of emotions during consumer testing of packaging, products and advertising.

Olivier Droulers is a Doctor of Medicine and Professor of Neuromarketing at the IGR-IAE graduate schools of the University of Rennes 1 (well placed in the Shanghai ranking). He is also co-author of Neuromarketing, le Marketing revisité par les neurosciences du consommateur.

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