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Worldwide Barometer of the Financial Crisis - August 2009

The third wave of our Crisis Index revealed that the economic crisis did not only affect people economically but also psychologically. This survey has been conducted by our network of partners around the world : WIN (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research). We interviewed 21,088 respondents in 22 countries from mid June
to the end of July 2009 and evaluated the respondents’ perceptions and behaviors due to the economic crisis.


The Economic Crisis had direct health effects on people

The survey reveals that 54% of respondents say they have experienced at least one of the following 4 health conditions as a direct
result of the current economic situation:
  • 18% depression
  • 26% unsatisfactory sleep 
  • 40% anxiety
  • 40% stress 

The current economic situation had the most impact on citizens’ health in Japan, Russia, Lebanon, USA, and Mexico. On the other hand, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Spain and Brazil were the least affected.

Pessimism decreases

The survey also reveals that the consumer is slowly regaining confidence in the financial status of his country’s economy and that pessimism has significantly diminished over the last three months.
  • 45% believe the economic situation will remain the same in the next three months, while 19% believe it will improve and 31% worsen. 
  • Overall, pessimism has decreased by 10 percentage points. 
  • Pessimism has diminished in 20 of the 22 surveyed countries. 

Trust in the stability / solidity of the stock market is picking up while trust in the government and the solidity / stability of the banks remains the same.

A similar proportion of people are making cutbacks as in March

An average of 54% of consumers made cutbacks mostly on the clothing / footwear / accessories, entertainment and major household expenses which is approximately the same as in March.

Brazilians, Canadians and Indians deal best with the Economic Crisis

Brazil, Canada and India are the two only countries where the level of optimism is above or equal to the average and cutbacksand psychological effects are below the average. France, Japan, Mexico, Argentina and Iceland are the most affected with indices below the
average on all levels.


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