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Breakfast & Conference – Paris – Thursday, November 14th – In French only

Citizens, service users, consumers: How Nudge can help you change behaviors?

Based on 30 years of research in Behavioral Economics, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein released “Nudge” in 2008. This book helps us understand how people take daily decisions and how to identify potential features which will influence people’s behaviors: encourage patient observance, limit fraud, boost green incentives, create preference … This book is a turning point in the comprehension of behavioral change mechanisms.

Since then, the political machine – David Cameron in Great Britain or Barack Obama in the US – and the world’s biggest companies show terrific results applying Behavioral Economics and Nudge theories.

BVA experts will present the Nudge revolution:
Describing the main lessons learned from Behavioral Economics and Nudge strategies to help understand the decision-making process and factors influencing behavior change,
Illustrating with concrete case studies in Politic Science, Healthcare, Environment and Sustainable Development,
Sharing process and principles applied to market research allowing you to create and develop efficient Nudge strategies.


8:30: Welcome coffee

9:00 Introduction – How Behavioral Economics and Nudge can help you change human behavior, presented by Eric Singler, BVA General Manager

9:15: Three sectors illustrated with Nudge case studies:
  • Public Policy by Gaël Sliman, BVA Opinion Director
  • Public Health by Odile Peixoto, BVA Healthcare Director 
  • Sustainable development and environment protection by Régis Olagne, BVA Services Client Director

10:00 : Process and principles applied to studies allowing you to create and develop efficient Nudge strategies, by Richard Bordenave , BVA Innovation Director

10:15: Q & A

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