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BVA’s expertise awarded at the Esomar Innovate 2010 Conference

BVA’s expertise has been awarded at the Esomar Innovate 2010 Conference.
In Vivo BVA and the innovation team united with Kraft Foods to write an article about product development in the FMCG’s sector, challenging current practices.

From the 14th to the 16th of November, Richard Bordenave and Michel Ten Donkelaar (Kraft Foods) presented their work at the ESOMAR Innovate 2010 Conference, in front of 120 professionals of the market research industry from 25 different countries.

At the end of the meeting, the article was awarded « best paper » of the conference. and is thus nominated for the “excellence award”, which will be awarded in September

Innovation: return to reality

Consumers and designers praise "the real thing". What about marketeers and research people?

Here is a summary of the article written by Richard Bordenave (In Vivo BVA) and Michel Ten Donkelaar (Kraft Foods)

Facing the tough reality of the FMCG sector’s innovation failure rate, IN VIVO BVA and Kraft are now challenging current NPD process practices, highlighting the blind spots of the standard research sequence through the usual “gates”, which paradoxically results in costly redesign and longer time to market.

These case studies illustrate howere-connecting research with “consumer reality” at a very early stage with “touch and feel” stimuli (prototypes), tested in a natural environment (mock-up stores or kitchen), instead of using virtual ideas or concepts, can help solve the paradox of early testing of “the real thing” in a “real context” with “real consumers" with a product that does not yet exist, and how at Kraft these methodological solutions have made a difference in delivering improved designs, faster and with higher success rates.

Download the article on the ESOMAR website

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