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Below : The last ten news of BVA.

Eric Singler
12 January 2016
Press releases

Nudge marketing: a real helping hand

Eric Singler is the author of "Nudge Marketing: how to effectively change behaviours" and "Green Nudge: successfully changing behaviours to save the planet[...]

30 December 2015
Press releases

BVA accounces the merger of IN VIVO BVA and Perception Research Services

BVA is pleased to accounce the merger of IN VIVO BVA and Perception Research Services, effective immediately. This merger unites the world&rsqu[...]

14 December 2015
Press releases

BVA launches the first open-source Nudge design tool for brands

The European Brands Association (AIM) recently adopted an open-access support platform to assist marketing managers in encouraging consumers to act in heal[...]

08 October 2015
Press releases

BVA wins the 2015 Excellence Award for Best Paper for its nudge approach

The advertising industry has Cannes Lions, the sports industry the World Cup... and the market research industry has ESOMAR! It was during the recent annual ES[...]

11 September 2014

BVA Nudge Unit awarded Best Case History at Esomar Congress 2014

During ESOMAR Congress 2014, the BVA Nudge Unit presented its case study "French Government : Nudge me Tender'. This paper was [...]

07 July 2014
Press releases

French citizens nudged by BVA and the French Tax Administration

The French Tax Administration is taking up on the Nudge mania. BVA, a leading Market Research Institute in France, has initiated the French Secretariat[...]

26 June 2014

BVA at the ESOMAR Congress

BVA and the SGMAP (departments of the French Government responsible for the modernization policy) have been selected at the

05 December 2013
Press releases

BVA launches the BVA Nudge Unit

BVA has launched the BVA Nudge Unit, a cross-functional department combining two areas of expertise: behavioural economics and sector [...]

28 November 2013
Press releases

Tom DILLEY appointed President of IN VIVO BVA USA

Tom Dilley has been appointed President of IN VIVO BVA USA. He arrived in the US team last June as VP Account Manager. A gradu[...]

29 October 2013


Based on 30 years of research in Behavioral Economics, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein released “Nudge” in 2008. This book helps us unders[...]

10 July 2013
Press releases

Masters Consultants joins the BVA group

On this occasion, Masters Consultants, a French firm specializing in “mystery shopping” programs joined BVA on May 31 2013, as a fully owne[...]

02 April 2012

In Vivo BVA China at ESOMAR Asia Pacific

From the 15th to the 17th of April, In Vivo BVA China is taking part in the ESOMAR Asia Kaleidoscope Congress

10 February 2012
Press releases

BVA steps up its investment in neuroscience

Because emotions are difficult to fathom with traditional research tools, consumer-behavior specialist BVA is funding academic research into neuroscien[...]

09 September 2011


Following the successful set up of In Vivo BVA in the US in 2009 (7 of the 10 largest US FMCG advertisers are among our customers), the BVA group is co[...]

20 July 2011

In Vivo BVA at Shopper Insights In Action Congress

John TRAYNOR, President & CEO of In Vivo BVA USA, was at the "Shopper Insights In Action" Congress, which took place in Chicago from the 11 to[...]

30 November 2010

In Vivo BVA at the Market Research Event !

From the 8th to the 10th of November, In Vivo BVA took part in The Market Research Event, that has united for more than 10 years the l[...]

23 November 2010
International surveys

The patient/doctor relationship in France in the world

In collaboration with the WIN network, BVA released a worldwide survey regarding the patient/doctor relationship. Patient-docto[...]

22 November 2010
BVA on air

BVA’s expertise awarded at the Esomar Innovate 2010 Conference

BVA’s expertise has been awarded at the Esomar Innovate 2010 Conference. In Vivo BVA and the innovation team uni[...]

08 March 2010

Join us at Marketing at Retail 2010!

26 February 2010
Press releases

BVA strengthens its qualitative studies operation

Sandrine Caloiaro, 36, is a graduate of ESCP-EAP business school and former director of qualitative studies at Sorgem. Edouar[...]

22 December 2009

BVA wishes you a happy new year

28 October 2009
Press releases

In Vivo BVA USA in Manhattan

In Vivo BVA USA is proud to announce the opening of its New York headquarters November 9, 2009 at 900 Broadway (20th and Broadway) in Manhattan. [...]

28 September 2009

In-Store Activation

More and more purchase decisions in FMCG are taken in-store. Impulse behavior is on the rise, brand loyalty is increasingly challenged by the quest for value-f[...]

17 August 2009
International surveys

Worldwide Barometer of the Financial Crisis - August 2009

The third wave of our Crisis Index revealed that the economic crisis did not only affect people economically but also psychologically. This survey has been con[...]

17 July 2009
Press releases

Discover In Vivo BVA USA after your summer break

The In Vivo BVA experience and methodology are now available in the United-States. A team with a solid FMCG expertise in th[...]

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