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Institutional & Corporate

Positioning, Image and Communication

Manage your image

Our dual expertise in institutional and corporate research gives us a broad perspective of communication and positioning challenges and enables us to anticipate the needs of our private and public sector clients.

Attentive to their history, positioning and concerns and mindful of their goals, we help these clients to define their communication strategy and actions.

With its expertise in the institutional and corporate fields, BVA gives insight to:
  • Managers of privately and state-owned companies about their positioning through brand awareness studies at the national and international levels, positioning studies in their spheres of competition or image research (company image, employer image, economic image, producer image, etc.)

  • Decision makers regarding external communication strategies by analyzing the effectiveness of their institutional communication actions and campaigns (pre-test, post-test, readership, impact, etc.) or conducting "instant" surveys to respond to a crisis


Image assessment
BVA performs a cross-cutting analysis of three issues:
  • Awareness and knowledge
  • Image
  • News and communication

A three-step approach:
  • Immersion phase
To become familiar with the major events in the life of the company/organization and formulate an exhaustive set of questions
  • Exploratory qualitative phase
For a precise understanding of the issues related to image awareness, knowledge and territory as perceived by the targets being studied (B-to-C and/or B-to-B)
  • Quantitative validation phase
To score and qualify these issues in time to assist you with defining a relevant communication strategy and an effective communication plan



BVA helps you formulate and evaluate your communication tools
  • Campaign or content pre-testing
Pre-testing focuses carefully on the message's capacity for impact, how it will be understood, the image being conveyed and the appeal of the message and its impact.

  • Campaign post-testing
Post-tests enable the communicator to measure the effectiveness of the campaign on its target.

To prepare a relevant analysis, we place the scores obtained by previous campaigns and our points of reference in perspective (institutional campaign standards). To assess the effectiveness of the media plan, we create answer curves based on the recognition, approval and image scores.

  • Readership studies
To optimize your communication medium and implement actions to help it reach its audience, BVA builds its approach around two principles:

1. Depending on the communicator's concern (recognition, dissemination, attribution, image), the action must focus on dissemination, showcasing the communicator or on the message/medium itself.

2. Prioritize to optimize every dimension of the communication medium: its dissemination, structure, content, formatting, tone and image.

These are the primary characteristics tested:


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