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Car industry

BVA is an expert in automotive markets and actors

In light of the myriad entities involved, the car industry is an economic sector of vital interest to society. Automakers, parts manufacturers, the general public, the media and public institutions have different strategies, practices and limitations.

With our precise collection methods, intimate knowledge of the sector and thorough analyses, which are always aligned with market realities, we give you the insights you need to plan ahead in this constantly changing industry.

The traditional economic model of the car industry is challenged by the emergence of new automotive concerns:
the price of fuel, the city tolls developed in London and elswhere, long-term leasing, car sharing and exploration of intermodal transportation.
The topic of road safety, environmental worries and social challenges pertaining to human resources are changing the relationship between automakers and civil society.

BVA advises you on your marketing strategy in light of these industry concerns and international issues. We offer effective solutions adapted to this field to:

Optimize your product and service offer

  • Concept testing
  • Name testing
  • Design testing

Manage your brand

  • BRAND POWER SYSTEM: the new generation of tools for brand oversight and management
  • Awareness, image and positioning research

Optimize your communication actions

  • Logo testing
  • Advertising pre- and post-tests
  • Campaign assessments

Better understand the consumer

  • Behavior studies
  • Uses and attitudes
  • Research into the process of deciding to buy
  • Evaluation of the impact of legislative measures
  • Opinion research
  • Satisfaction surveys

Better understand your management approach

  • Internal communication study
  • Work environment study

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