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Our areas of expertise

40 years of experience in the major business sectors

A step ahead

 Consumers, whether clients, patients, citizens or employees, are constantly changing. These changes are happening faster, making evolution ever more elusive and unpredictable.

BVA's added value is to continuously innovate to identify relevant insights for our customers, their brands and their products. This holds true in every sector.

Our teams are specialists in their respective business sectors. They analyze and anticipate changes in each market to provide the most predictive, operational recommendations.

Banking, Insurance, Finance

In the current context, where the perceptions and practices of French citizens are changing, BVA supports you in your decision-making.

Services aux Entreprises

B-to-B Services

Functionality of the business-to-business sector

Car industry

 A team of experts with first-hand knowledge of automakers, parts manufacturers and research institutes work on your research concerns.

Consumer goods

Innovative methods to better understand consumers and anticipate their behavior, from the act of purchase to in-home use.


Optimize the management of your distribution network with our solutions, which combine utilization of your customer databases, external data and marketing surveys.

Energy & Environment

Electricity, gas, heating oil, green energy, environmental protection...BVA assists you with your marketing policy and your growth strategy.

Farming industry

One of BVA's pioneer sectors. Each year we conduct more than 50,000 interviews of agricultural professionals and consumers.


Health specialists.

Industry & Construction



Institutional & Corporate

Institutional & Corporate

 Positioning, image and communication

Media & Publishing

Media & Publishing

For effective formats and relevant content


 We measure opinions about current events and political dynamics to inform political decision makers, elected officials and public services, citizens, journalists and opinion leaders.

Santé Publique

Public health

We monitor satisfaction with hospital service, uniformity of vaccination practices, awareness levels among at-risk populations, announcements about government's public health policies, effectiveness of prevention campaigns, the influence of lifestyles and living conditions on health and more.

Télécoms Multimédia

Telecom & Multimedia

Telephone, Internet, TV, high-tech products and so on... BVA helps you understand and anticipate a sector that is always evolving.

The 0-25 year age group

Our team of experts has developed methodologies and tools adapted to new digital practices to provide closer, more accurate observations of the “digital” generation, thus allowing you to stay connected with the "Digital Natives.

Tourism & Leisure

Understanding tourists, optimizing resources for your area, optimizing the coverage of a network of agencies, etc.

Transportation & Mobility

Get to know and understand individual mobility. Optimize your services and imagine those of the future.

Work environment

Observing the workplace and listening to employees: BVA offers you a complete range of tools for your internal research.

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