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BVA today

A leader in marketing and opinion research

Innovative, effective insights

BVA is the 3rd largest research agency in France with a global turnover of 150 million euros in 2015.

What we offer

  • Packaged and ad hoc studies
  • Qualitative and quantitative Studies
  • In France and around the world
  • In all business sectors

What we believe

Probe ever deeper into the thinking of consumer and public opinion
Our world is constantly changing; these developments cause us to adapt our lifestyles and opinions. At BVA, we continuously adjust and update our observation methods and techniques to decipher these new attitudes and behaviors.

Our mission is to adapt our solutions to your needs. Our innovation team works with our sector-specific experts to fine tune our analysis models and develop new methodologies.

We combine approaches and adapt our methods to your needs with flexibility and responsiveness.

Using our insights and recommendations, we are committed to supporting your decision making.

  • International expertise
  • With leadership in opinion, services and consumer goods


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