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Human Resources Policy

Pooling our expertise in France and around the world

Ambition - Commitment - Fulfillment - Teamwork

Core values that are embodied by our executives, just like a sports team

Secure in the knowledge that ambition is stimulating and that we are more intelligent and innovative together, BVA has adopted an engaged HR policy to make it one of the cornerstones of success for its strategic plan:

"People make the difference...because people are different."
Our employees are therefore at the heart of the group's success and its strategy.

Our HR policy is to maintain economic and social balance and to identify, recruit and retain talented individuals. This requires optimal performance management and support for employees as they pursue their personal development.

Employee fulfillment encourages the taking of initiatives and cements the level of commitment of men and women within the company. Through effective teamwork, everyone contributes to BVA's performance and helps to build a shared future by exemplifying the BVA spirit and being proud to work here.

Career opportunity

BVA has adopted an appealing career management policy by offering varied professional paths in our different areas of expertise and by promoting functional and geographic mobility, which includes the option of transferring to other countries.

School partnerships

Some of our managers teach classes and give presentations in schools with which we have special relationships, enabling them to help train future talent.
Furthermore, we invite students interested in our business lines to complete their capstone internships on our staff so they can understand the kinds of work they may be asked to perform later in their careers.

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