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BVA launches the first open-source Nudge design tool for brands

The European Brands Association (AIM) recently adopted an open-access support platform to assist marketing managers in encouraging consumers to act in healthier and more socially responsible ways.

Brands are taking the initiative in helping consumers choose healthier and more socially responsible lifestyles!

The European Brands Association (AIM) asked the BVA Nudge Unit and its consumer-goods research department, IN VIVO BVA, to create a digital resource platform for marketers and stakeholders wanting to become involved with the Nudge approach.
The Nudging For Good platform assists brands in encouraging consumers to adopt healthier and more responsible lifestyles.

Nudge: a gentle push to encourage behavioral change

The Nudge approach stems from research in Behavioral Economics which shows that our decision-making is not rational but rather determined by contextual, social, and culture influences. Based on detailed knowledge of systematic factors which have a bearing on individuals in their decision-making, Nudge is a "gentle push" which, by modifying the way in which choices are presented, encourages individuals to take better decisions, ones which will be more beneficial for them and for the community, without constraining nor restricting their choices.

Nudge: a tool to help brand boost their CSR commitments.

"Although already widely involved in issues relating to the environmental footprint of sourcing, many brands are now exploring ways to accelerate change in terms of the consumption of their products", notes Richard Bordenave, BVA's Marketing and Innovation Director. "Brands are in a special position to be able gently encourage consumers", he believes, "because of the nature and extent of their reciprocal relationship."
The methodology that Nudging For Good proposes brands follow is based on an approach developed by BVA which received several awards in 2014 and 2015 (the Gold Award from Marketing magazine; "Best Case History" and "Excellence Award" from international research association Esomar).

A comprehensive toolbox for brands

The NudgingforGood toolbox contains instructions on the development process of Nudges, case studies shared by brands which have already experimented with Nudge thanks to BVA's expertise, including Ariel, Unilever, Nivea, Heineken, Smarties, Oral B, etc., as well as an explanation of the theoretical foundation of the Nudge approach and Behavioral Economics.

"A long-term trusted relationship with consumers generates both opportunities and responsibilities", underscores Francesco Tramontin, Director of Public Affairs for Mondelez International and Director of the AIM research group overseeing the initiative. "Consumers are increasingly mindful of environmental and health issues. We are convinced that Nudge techniques will enable brands to go further in helping consumers bridge the gap between intention and action. AIM will review the best nudges during an award ceremony (the "Nudge Awards") to be held in the fall of 2016."

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